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«Lawless» - film of 2012, by producer John Hillcoat, which is famous for films such as «The Road», «Triple 9». The screenwriter of the picture was the great Nick Cave, famous for such films as «The Proposition», «20,000 Days on Earth» together with Matt Bondurantat the moment this is his first work

The film «Lawless» was filmed by The Weinstein Company allocating $26 million to the budget, which announced the release of such films as «Django Unchained», «Silver Linings Playbook» in the same year.

The main actors were Shia LaBeouf as Jack Bondurant, 1986 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Fury, and Tom Hardy as Forrest Bondurant the famous film is Mad Max: Fury Road

Brief storyline: Set in the Depression-era Franklin County, Virginia, a bootlegging gang is threatened by authorities who want a cut of their profits.

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Drew Allen:
Va best moonshine in the world
Trevor TM:
song at start?
Firman Hassan:
Good movie
What a boring movie.
MakingAmerica GreatAgain:
I never even heard of this movie till today..was it any good? The trailer looked so so maybe even lame. I liked Legends of the Fall, but this looks kinda like something that belongs on TNT