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john dow:
Stupid Netflix doesn't have it. Wtf?
أحمد الشهري:
good movie but why is there too much garbage everywhere?
John Smith:
Most movies are not worth watching and most actors can't act. This movie and this actor(Defoe) are exceptions.
a hidden taxi driver
john dow:
Because he's playing in all idiotic moves that the rabble likes to watch. Same reason there's cRap "music".
One of the best trailers I can remember. So effective. The final shot is very memorable.
dafoe is so handsome, but also so talented. Why do we hear about Brad Pitt and not him???
Luke Rowbotham:
What a classic.
suzy is soo hot!!!!!
Phillip S:
First saw this in my early 20s. Now I'm about the same age as the character "LaTour" and feeling just as aimless. I that character living a minimalistic lifestyle having no real use for money.His apartment (mostly empty) was just a place to sleep and collect his thoughts in one of his multiple journals. "Fill one up, throw it away start a new one." That character didn't possess many physical things which made him seem to me to be somehow like a wandering seeker. Never knowing when he had to exit
Dafoe had his day. He was getting all the cool roles. You can't stay on top forever. He played Jesus for Christ's sake! : )