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Melissa Rangel:
PHENOMENAL film. Great ending❤️
Kristina Marie:
This is a movie for a different state of mind / heart. It will not resonate with all but can speak to many within the well developed characters and storyline presented.The acting was very believable and the actors had wonderful charisma and authenticity. I wouldn't judge this movie on it's trailer. It's much more layered, like human existence. If one can go deep within to the introspection of the storyline, there is a jewel here. If you like good Woody Allen flicks.....this is worth a watch. I personally enjoyed seeing the differences in peoples belief systems, ways of life, morals, judgements, and all the human journeys we've all experienced in one way or another. This movie definitely deals with both feminine and masculine perspectives out there in the matrix. It's not too deep and not too heavy, it's kind of a fun parody / exaggeration of different human journeys.
praneeth hanumantu:
The jazz song played in the trailer is "A Garden in the Rain" by Dan Levinson & His Swing Wing.
Never seen so many ignorants on comment section. You probably watch too much suicide squad like movie. you guys are like the guy in the last part who cant appreciate amazing underrated movies/films because youre into movies where someone needs to die someone will get hit by a truck or some typical shit. idk what yall saying but this is an amazing movie because the acting was good and you can feel the characters emotion.
Right There:
Wait whaaat...2 mil views?
Njoud N:
waste of time . ☻
cesar garcia:
I will rater see this than alien covenant again
Jules Hewitt:
Idk why this seems like a drawn out plot- a movie thats overly long- .....a
Бля сделайте субтитры для фильма
ben ga:
blackstonecherry 007:
This has Woody Allen written all over it.