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Evaa Lynn Schleider:
After watching this, I feel that Kristen would've been a better choice as Mary Poppins than Emily Blunt.
JustYourFriendlyNeighborhoodWhiteBoy P.P:
The wage gap is a myth
logan black:
Ava Smith:
Danger Noodle:
Omg Kristen bell should have played Mary Poppins in mary poppins returns
I love this SO MUCH! Sadly, Disney probably forgot this existed when they hired Emily Blunt. It’s always possible they didn’t want to hire her for Mary because of Frozen’s massive success.
Becky Smeilus:
But way!? I her her she is so funny She would be a great Mary Poppins
Vianna Taba:
I proper cracked up at supercalifragalisticexpialibullshit
Nunovya Biznez:
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