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In April 2019, the screens out the new film «Master of Dark Shadows»

Film description: Narrated by Ian McShane (Deadwood), MASTER OF DARK SHADOWS reveals the fascinating impact of the ground-breaking Gothic drama Dark Shadows with a compelling blend of rare footage and behind-the-scenes stories exploring the diverse talents of creator-producer-director Dan Curtis. Known as the "King of TV Horror," the filmmaker created iconic genre favorites including Trilogy of Terror and Burnt Offerings before earning accolades for the epic mini-series The Winds of War and War and Remembrance.

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I love Dark Shadows and can;t wait to see this!
Wally Helvey:
If you like Dark Shadows as much as I do and you are on Facebook I would like to invite you to join a Dark Shadows Group which in my opinion is the best one on Facebook and it has over 13,000 members and still growing we even have some cast members from the show it is called the Dark Shadows Appreciation Society I hope to see you there and please invite your family members and friends the more the merrier.
My favorite tv show!
paul sousa:
I'm dying to see this documentary of Dan Curtis and Dark Shadows!!
Thanks for posting! I've loved DS since I accidently came across it in 1968. Delighted to see fans old and new are keeping the interest in it alive. Looking forward to seeing this new documentary!
Rosemarie Scott-Griffiths:
Looking forward to seeing this.
Dark Shadows has almost the same intro as Peyton Place...instead of a Governess...a young doctor arrives by train to Peyton Place....and the main topic is primary....it just doesn't come to fruition in DS...its about a woman who is pregnant unmarried..and the scandal that ensues because its hidden...for years....