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One of the best films of February 2014 was the film "Micha" director's and screenwriter Eugene Martin, which is famous for films such as «Marisol», «The Anderson Monarchs»

The main actors were Anthony Abdo as Micha this is the first actor movie, and Justis Phillips as Penny this is the first actor movie

Brief storyline: The death eight years ago of Micha's Lebanese father left he and his Mexican mother destitute. The sudden death of his mother leaves him no choice but to leave Mexico and seek work and a future in the United States. Micha attempts to navigate the northern route of migrant workers and service workers to build a life for himself in Texas.

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nish Nix:
Woo this movie scared the fuck outta me I'm not gone watch it no more .
Jayden Miley:
they all die he and up getting so possessed he kills everyone except for the kid ps *spoiler alert*
Cloverfield Stevie-Survived:
Bout time the Guy gets possessed.!
John Phillips:
If you have not seen it: "Looks boring and unoriginal... blah blah." If you *HAVE* seen it: "One of the best horror movies I've ever seen." Truth be told...
Azaki Shimo:
I know the movie is fake and all but all of this nonesense why not get a god damn priest to excorsist the demon out in the end??? It’s not that hard Maybe the movie Veronica is good
John Phillips:
Surreal, intense jumpscares, successfully eerie setting, and plays right on your religious/spiritual paranoia. Truly a work of fear. I give it 5 stars for accomplishing all that. If someone could recommend me something scarier, please do. I'll watch Gothic and Deliver Us from Evil, but this is my scariest by far
Ruth Lalawmpuii:
Finally a possessed man
CatBeluga gaming:
Fester anyone?
Lord Khaled:
I watched this movie it was not thatmuch scary as I expected
One of my all time favorites!