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«Michael Clayton» - film of 2007 director's and screenwriter Tony Gilroy, known for such works like «The Bourne Legacy», «Duplicity»

The production of the film «Michael Clayton» was engaged by the company Castle Rock Entertainment having spent at this $25 million. In the same year, Castle Rock Entertainment rolled out such films as «Fracture», «In the Land of Women»

The main actors were George Clooney as Michael Clayton, 1961 year of birth the famous film is Tomorrowland, and Tom Wilkinson as Arthur Edens, the success of which brought the role in Batman Begins

Film description: A law firm brings in its 'fixer' to remedy the situation after a lawyer has a breakdown while representing a chemical company that he knows is guilty in a multi-billion dollar class action suit.

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Michael Bodine:
this is clayton running up the hills of Michigan running away from Wayne Jones and Ann Arbor ; ; ; Next space space space;
Matt Mitchell:
Just watched again last night. Really grows on you. It feels real when you watch it.
Clayton Robert-Stephen Nelson:
I had to go back...
Arditya Arsyad:
love this movie, so f*kin realistic and gritty.
Selim Kuriş:
Tilda Swinton is like Furiosa of Mad Max in this...
Wendy Hardy:
This movie is on Netflix, has been for a while, I ignored it because it didn't look interesting, but yesterday I decided to take a chance and watch--and I'm glad I did. A little hard for me to follow but a great movie nonetheless.
F dL:
I love George Clooney in this.
fight me gook yecciiss:
This film has been removed from iTunes and unable to buy or rent! Fuck me we live in a cartel run world.
samah alzahrany:
I love George clooney