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«Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil» - film of 1997, created by the great director Clint Eastwood, known for such works like «The 15:17 to Paris», «American Sniper». The screenwriter of the picture was the great John Berendtat the moment this is his first workand John Lee Hancock, who is also known for the films «Snow White and the Huntsman», «The Blind Side»

The film «Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil» was filmed by Warner Bros. allocating $35 million to the budget. In the same year, Warner Bros. rolled out such films as «The Devil's Advocate», «Batman & Robin»

The film features actors are John Cusack as John Kelso, 1966 year of birth the famous film is 2012, and Kevin Spacey as James Williams, 1959 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Se7en

A visiting city reporter's assignment suddenly revolves around the murder trial of a local millionaire, whom he befriends.

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Isaak Larsgard:
my grandpa used to live in Savannah geroria
nancy Vega:
Brings great memories...Awesome film!
nancy Vega:
Ken Edwards:
I worked on this movie for a few weeks. Just for the record: Kevin Spacey was kind and a perfectly respectable gentleman during the entire time. Sorry to hear of his recent troubles ...
Mirco Girlando:
So, actually Spacey did himself here