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An accidental affair leads to an extraordinary story of a unique family set up where the two characters play mother to the same child.

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ツDe La Cruz:
San po sya pede mawatch online pls.... Hindi ba kayi magshoshow aabdroad like Bahrain..?? Thanks
James Bersano:
Eric Quizon is an awesome director. Paola and Maricel are super artists. I am waiting to show it in Vegass
Phoebe Badsha:
Oohh this is such a beautiful movie i wanna love to watch this in full story Paolo is a very simple guy great actor Maricel Soriano still Blooming Sophisticated woman Watching here in japan Awaited this full movie story on you tube thankz
Prajakta Shrestha:
When will these.movie will relize
Deng Celis:
Ha? Ha? I love paolo. So natural.
Chino Dela Cruz:
Nico Bolzico Story lol just kidding hahaa
Marz Quinz:
My full movie kau nito
Limuel Canlas:
Aka. La ko magaling. Mag Make up. Si paoloo pero ang. Panget e ay besh. Baka. Maobos. Lang ang. Beauty. Ni. Sonenn
alrex estrera:
Maganda talaga to eh