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In December 2013, the screens out the new film «Nymphomaniac: Vol. II», created by the great director and screenwriter Lars von Trier, which is famous for films such as «Manderlay», «Nymphomaniac: Vol. I»

The production of the film «Nymphomaniac: Vol. II» was engaged by the company Zentropa Entertainments, which also released «Nymphomaniac: Vol. I», «The Keeper of Lost Causes» this year

Leading roles in the film were: Charlotte Gainsbourg as Joe, 1971 year of birth the famous film is The Snowman, and Stellan Skarsgård as Seligman, 1951 year of birth the famous film is Thor: The Dark World

The continuation of Joe's sexually dictated life delves into the darker aspects of her adult life and what led to her being in Seligman's care.

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I. Elijah Epitome The One:
I found that movie to be very intriguing. And I find you to be amazingly beautiful. Sorry, but I couldn't resist saying that ;)
Hi, love your channel! Chris Stuckmann suggest. So I was wondering, is this a good movie or a bad movie? Like is it good enough to watch.
Exceptional review!
Ending sucked it completely betrayed the characters lars wrote and I absolutely don't agree with the speech about life in the end And they betrayed being a PEADO in a positive way
I might be alone on this but I absolutely love Nimphomaniac especially the second part wich is definitely darker than the first part. I must I was already a Lars Von Trier fan and familiar with his work and style.
Fernando Reyes:
Don't you think Lars Von Trier is a self-important shock jock? I saw AntiChrist and was open to watch more of his films but then in an interview he made a Nazi comparison that was controversial, it seems like he just wants to shock instead of sending a real message through his films.
This seems a rather peculiar review.  You didn't discuss the movie much at all, there was no objective.  All I gathered is that you were extremely uncomfortable watching this movie.  This leaves potential viewers at a loss as to merit.
I found the "surprise" ending to be worthless and uninteresting. Not the attempted murder but what happens at the VERY end. It really added ZERO artistic value to the film, in fact, took away. I mean, it felt like M. Night Shyamalan trying to pull off a *twist* only worse.
Seligman translates to "Blessed Man" so in a way nymphomaniac is about humanity corrupting faith?
Mac Jeffrey:
what did you think of the very end? I thought it ruined the entire movie. Up until that point I at least appreciated it for what it was, but the end of volume 2 felt like a slap in the face