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One of the best films of January 1994 was the film "Out of Darkness", created by the great director Larry Elikann, which is famous for films such as «The Story Lady», «Hands of a Stranger». The screenwriter of the picture was the great Barbara Turner, famous for such films as «Hemingway & Gellhorn», «The Company»

The production of the film «Out of Darkness» was engaged by the company Andrew Adelson Company

The film features actors are Diana Ross as Paulie Cooper, 1944 year of birth the famous film is The Wiz, and Beah Richards as Mrs. Cooper, 1920 year of birth the famous film is Drugstore Cowboy

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This Film Needs to be out on DVD already!
Michael Lyon:
This is one of Diana's finest performances, at the time this was a taboo subject and she gave a heartbreaking performance. Should be released on blu ray.
Diana gives another great acting performance. She deserves a 3rd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One for acting. It is our lost that she has lost interest in acting. This is her 2nd best role after "Lady". All of her movies are entertaining.....even "The Wiz" on Blu-ray finally comes to life. "Lady Sings the Blues" and "Out of Darkness" are her thespian triumphs. While "Mahogany" and "Double Platinum" are great fun popcorn movies. "The Wiz" merges the two concepts if only she was allowed to be more Diana. How do you do a fashion show scene and have Diana Ross only as an observant? And that wig....that fright wig to try and bring down her beauty, when she was at her truly sexy "The Boss" and "diana" global beauty stage!
She didn't even get an Oscar nomination - this shows up the Hollywood crowd for what they are.
I think Diana Ross is a very good actress. I've seen some of her movies. This one was a good one also.
everything she did was exceptional, she knew even how to act, she deserves more recognition for her entire career, and i think that she deserved the golden globe for this role, her acting in this movie was breathtaken