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New York City is invaded by 8-bit creatures.

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God damn guys, I went to go see the movie and it was honestly a very good impression! Im only 11, but I know alot about the old video games such as "Space Invaders", "Asteroids", "Galaga", "Centipede" and so on. It wasnt cool JUST becuase of the SFX and you think every 11 year old would be like "WOW, that was cool"!, and I did say that a few times in my head like "Damn this is michael bay shit right here" but it was also funny, some little backstory romance parts between Adam Sandler and Michelle Monaghan, which was also a little cool. It was kinda weird how Kevin James was the president, and how Q'bert transforms himself into that one girl (i forgot her name" that Josh Gadd's character had a crush on, but it was still an all out 10/10 for me :D
It's a  damn shame Adam and his goons fuck it up with a giant movie
I liked Arkanoid on the bridge, good court-metrage !
Raúl Garc:
¿Editado? ¿Qué mérito te atribuyes si el vídeo no es tuyo y sólo has conseguido que se vea peor?
Its a shame that Adam Sandler is gonna take this nice and pretty cool idea and fuck it in the ass to make a quick buck.
Oh my god!!! They turned Earth into Minecraft!!!
whatt! la fin est bizarre!
2:18 to 2:37 Thats what the world would look like if Minecraft took over the whole entire earth!