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In May 1985, the screens out the new film «Private Resort», by producer George Bowers, known for such works like «My Tutor», «The Hearse». The screenwriter of the picture was the great Gordon Mitchellat the moment this is his first work

The movie «Private Resort» produced by TriStar Pictures company, which announced the release of such films as «Rambo: First Blood Part II», «Lifeforce» in the same year.

The film features actors are Johnny Depp as Jack, 1963 year of birth, whose best film was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and Rob Morrow as Ben, 1962 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in The Bucket List

Brief storyline: Jack and his buddy Ben check in at a posh Florida resort, planning to spend every hour in hot pursuit of gorgeous babes. But their plans hit a major detour when they try to bed the wife of a conniving jewel thief. They'll have to outsmart him, a nasty security guard and an obnoxious jock if they're ever going to get a moment alone with the girls of their dreams!

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Johnny Depp hope your all well not looking good KEEP STRONG
This is classic and up with Caddy shack easy. Great cast, great director, cinematography. Hector Elizenzo as the jewel thief. Has the Big breasted Babe from Police Acadamy too. This is Classic. Greg Wynne spaced out character "oh, a mum and a dad...
Classic butSnazzy:
this is my favorite movie its soooo funny!!!
Xena J:
Haha this is the movie Johny did cause he was broke lol
Wow I had no idea this movie was the 3rd part of anything much less a "saga" ;-)
Another GREAT 80's movie!!!
Mr. Chopsticks:
You need to see more movies.
Classic butSnazzy:
no,this is not my #1 movie. i don't know what my #1 is. its to hard for me to decide what my #1movie is
Karigan Byers:
You need to see how hot Johnny looked in the movie cry baby!!!!!!:)
I LOVED THIS MOVIE. it was hilarious. and i was really young when i saw it. and a girl. soo that says a lot since youd think this is guy movie.