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mike d:
Does anyone know the name of a movie about a white guy who smokes weed, one day he goes to a party really high and fights someone and gets beat up, (the movie is made on the country side) he has a bmx bike...i don't remember much about it. It has to be from like 2010 to 1015
This came out when I was a senior in high school omg
Dr. Marvel:
WTF I wiiiiiiiissssshhhh High School was like this in reality it’s school shootings, kids vaping in the bathrooms, and the annual fight.
Rip Verne Troyer
kyrone anderson:
It’s funny I’m about to have a party just like this
Lionel Tellem:
This movie was just dope, one of the best ever
Budar Endario:
Pursuit of Happiness
Rahul K:
This movie is a danger for society, this movie must be banned in the world