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«Proof» - film of 2005, by producer John Madden, known for such works like «Miss Sloane», «The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel». The script was created by the equally famous David Auburn, whose best works are considered by «The Lake House», «The Girl in the Park» together with Rebecca Miller, famous for such films as «The Private Lives of Pippa Lee», «Maggie's Plan»

The movie «Proof» produced by Miramax Films company having spent at this $20 million, which announced the release of such films as «Cinderella Man», «Hellraiser: Hellworld» in the same year.

Leading roles in the film were: Gwyneth Paltrow as Catherine, 1972 year of birth the famous film is The Avengers, and Anthony Hopkins as Robert, 1937 year of birth, whose best film was Thor: Ragnarok

Film description: Catherine is a woman in her late twenties who is strongly devoted to her father, Robert, a brilliant and well-known mathematician whose grip on reality is beginning to slip away. As Robert descends into madness, Catherine begins to wonder if she may have inherited her father’s mental illness along with his mathematical genius. When Robert’s work reveals a mathematical proof of potentially historic proportions, it sets off shock waves in more ways than one.

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Muhammad Nur Azim Ramli:
does anybody know what background song it is at the beginning of this trailer?
one of my favourite movies and play. thx for posting
Timbo Yuen:
too much drama in this movie, really save that shit for your momma. her sister (Claire) was so fucking annoying to watch through. I feel Claire could have been much better portrayed, it seemed she was consistently being a conceited stubborn bitch. Wish there was more math or science involved in the story, rather than drama.between the sisters...-_-
Emperor Napoleon:
I really like the song in the background when it starts. :)
i have to say, the title of the film isn't really attractive, but if it has gwenyth paltrow in it...well, I'm in!! :D
Alex J:
I was wondering where one can buy some similar math notebooks like the ones in the movie? (1:11)? Does anyone know?
Hans Peter:
Veigar - Indigo Stephen Warbeck - Line by Line
Finally, UChicago's campus makes it into a movie!