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«Purple Violets» - film of 2007, by producer and screenwriter Edward Burns, known for such works like «She's the One», «Nice Guy Johnny»

The film features actors are Selma Blair as Patti Petalson, 1972 year of birth, whose best film was Hellboy, and Patrick Wilson as Brian Callahan, 1973 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in The Commuter

Film description: Patti Petalson is a promising writer, but her marriage and conventional job keep her from her dream. She longs to return to her writing, especially after running into her first love Brian Callahan, a successful crime novelist. Kate is Patti's best friend since college; she's a tough-talking schoolteacher who plays therapist to all Patti's problems, while she's got a few of her own.

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One of my favorite movies. Love the work of Edward Burns. Hope the film industry will survive long enough to let Selma Blair bloom.
I can watch this movie over and over and will never get tire of it.
Irene Bitjoli:
This movie is very beautiful <3 I fall in love with the soundtrack.
ed burns and ben affleck have to be related
Liked the movie.
A wonderful movie.Just finished watching it.
Leigh Smith:
This looks good.. i may watch it :)
im here cause i saw ed burns on entourage then wikipedia him and saw he made a film that was released on itunes!!!