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Short overview of the movie

«School Service» - film of 2018, produced by Luisito Ignaciothis is his debut work. The script for the film was written by the famous Onay Salesat the moment this is his first work

The main actors were Ai-Ai de las Alas as , the success of which brought the role in Our Mighty Yaya, and Joel Lamangan as the famous film is Working Girls

Film description: Maya was walking home in her province when the service stops beside her and offers her to hitch. She innocently takes the ride to reach home faster. To Maya’s horror, the service did not stop at her place. She soon realizes she has been taken, along with the other kids who are inside the crammed school service. Soon, Maya finds herself hours and hours away from home, in an unfamiliar land -Manila. By dusk, the children are dropped off along the national highway to work by begging for alms. Forced to struggle with the harsh conditions of street life, Maya continues to hope for her dreams and chase for her freedom that may never happen.

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Reino Bualat:
Grabe ang dark.
Karl Guanlao:
Do they stream it online? Or does it have an intl release?
hmmm sino ung guy na kmukha ni james reid na dyowa nung bading n matanda..?
Captain Armer D' Luffy:
*Clap Clap!!!*
Mico Flores:
napaka galing ang pinaka pangit na katotothanan ng lipunan