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Say no to Racism:
SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!! that this show got cancelled I want to murder ABC urgghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dagmar Jarošová:
Iam soo sad why it ended
This was such a good show and Im forever pissed it got cancelled.
Diamond Rayne :-D:
I love Karen Gillian but in this she sounds awful
This show was ahead of its time and I’ll always be sad that it got cancelled
COco Yo yo:
When it's a white girl and a Asian guy, they cancel it.
Elsa Labouret:
Are we supposed to ship it? Because I just heard of this show and I'm already shipping it.
Zmeu Vladislav:
pls help give me link for watch this movie
Marta Ż:
Bring it baaack!
Marcela Ďobeková:
Can't belive it is 4 years