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«Selfie» is coming on the screens of the cinemas, by producer and screenwriter Agostino Ferrente, on whose account there are the films such as «Le cose belle», «L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio»

The production of the film «Selfie» was engaged by the company Magneto Presse

The film features actors are Pietro Orlando as Himself this is the first actor movie, and Alessandro Antonelli as Himself this is the first actor movie

Film description: Naples, Trajan's district. Initially it was intended for the inhabitants of the shantytowns on the seafront of Naples, who were homeless after the war. But it soon became a kind of ghetto. Alessandro and Pietro are two teenagers who film with an iPhone to tell their difficult neighborhood, their daily life, the friendship that binds them.

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Jack Henderson:
Just found this on netflix, it has to be the worst film ive ever watched honestly not scary at all, confusing as hell, no real story line ending makes no sense, CGI basic af. i would probably rate it the same as sharknado or something like that as it is that poor. just dont waste your time watching it. good film to watch though is Law Abiding Citizen or Seven both amazing films. not this tho...
György Klutsik:
looks very dumb
thimios giotas:
If you want to suicide watch this movie is total bullshit wtf was that i cant understand
Crunchy Crust:
Dark nut
Next comes "Rolex from dark-net"
xXKarloXx YT:
next:PewDiePie die in hell becouse he playing minecraft
Squirrel Attackspidy:
The dark nut.
RoUnDoM GaMeR:
Keke challenge from hell xD
i Love House Music:
Easy all you gotta do is not take selfies and get people to take pictures of you
Eman Love:
The movie ends & ur still confused don’t bother watching it ... it’s not worth anyone’s time