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«Slaughterhouse Rulez» - film of 2018, by producer and screenwriter Crispian Mills, known for such works like «A Fantastic Fear of Everything». The script was created by the equally famous Henry Fitzherbert, previous work «Born a King»

The production of the film «Slaughterhouse Rulez» was engaged by the company Sony Pictures, which also released «The Equalizer 2», «Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse» this year

The film features actors are Finn Cole as Don Wallace, whose best film was An Inspector Calls, and Michael Sheen as The Bat, 1969 year of birth, whose best film was The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Brief storyline: Don Wallace, a student at the boarding school Slaughterhouse, faces the arcane rules of the establishment when a new threat emerges and the tenants of the school engage in a bloody battle for survival.

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Chris Hager:
Not too excited, honestly. I get excited thinking about a new trilogy from Pegg/Frost/Wright. I don't think it will ever happen, but it's damned fun to think about.
Oh thank god.
Vicki Jackman:
Need Pegg and Frost!
Marc Zavala:
Agree 100%. I would still watch it but wouldn’t be as excited if Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were not starring in it.
Fractal Cat:
I'll just say this.. Paul had it's moments...
Michael Evans:
If it's not Edgar Wright then hopefully Joe Cornish. Unless Pegg and Frost are out and out writing/directing it
there are no bad movies with pegg and frost together this is nothing but great news
*Shawn of the dead team doing a horror/comedy* Me: HELL YESS *No Edgar Wright* Me: Oh no, it's Paul all over again
I hope they are going to be in it. if not I'll still watch it but I will be a little bummed to not see them together