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«Space Cowboys» - film of 2000, created by the great director Mable Lawson-McCrary, on whose account there are the films such as «Million Dollar Baby», «Letters from Iwo Jima». The script was created by the equally famous Ken Kaufman, famous for such films as «The Expendables 2», «The Missing» and Howard Klausner, famous for such films as «The Identical», «God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness»

The film «Space Cowboys» was filmed by Village Roadshow Pictures having spent at this $65 million, which also released «Miss Congeniality», «Red Planet» this year

The film features actors are Clint Eastwood as Frank Corvin, 1930 year of birth, whose best film was The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and Tommy Lee Jones as Hawk Hawkins, 1946 year of birth, whose best film was Captain America: The First Avenger

Frank Corvin, ‘Hawk’ Hawkins, Jerry O'Neill and ‘Tank’ Sullivan were hotdog members of Project Daedalus, the Air Force's test program for space travel, but their hopes were dashed in 1958 with the formation of NASA and the use of trained chimps. They blackmail their way into orbit when Russia's mysterious ‘Ikon’ communications satellite's orbit begins to degrade and threatens to crash to Earth.

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Franciszek Skoryna:
RIP James Garner
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Jon Kimberson:
Was this movie any good
Absolutely fantastic flick! This trailer is horrible, it makes the movie look corny, lame and cliche. It's actually a phenomenal story that takes an arguably absurd premise and effectively suspends disbelief. Ironically, it is the captivating performances by the four aging astronauts themselves that will effectively distract you from the subtle inconsistencies of the film, such as their low-budget approach to a zero gravity environment. Hilarious, inspiring, positive, family friendly movie easily worth a 4/5.
Aaron Sorrentino:
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Plebdominus Rex:
1:38 - 1:50 Epic Music 
John Greene:
An interesting movie with a great cast. But one cannot help but notice it has virtually the same plot as "Armageddon" which was made just 2 years earlier. Both plots involve using non conventional "astronauts" to save the earth from impending doom.
- inTegrity -:
Cracked it! Single-point 'Rotary' torque counterbalanced spindle. Anterospective Revision: Quad differential angled bi-polar single sliding fixed-point, stacked-multiple horizontal rotary parallel array. This design is going into my closet as evidence. Have a lovely day. ☺
Plebdominus Rex:
1:38 - 1:50 Epic Music
wasted potential