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One of the most brilliant films of November 2011 was the film "Take This Waltz", created by the great director and screenwriter Sarah Polley, known for such works like «Away from Her», «Stories We Tell»

The film «Take This Waltz» was filmed by Joe's Daughter

Leading roles in the film were: Michelle Williams as Margot, 1980 year of birth, whose best film was The Greatest Showman, and Seth Rogen as Lou Rubin, 1982 year of birth the famous film is Kung Fu Panda

Film description: Twenty-eight-year-old Margot is happily married to Lou, a good-natured cookbook author. But when Margot meets Daniel, a handsome artist who lives across the street, their mutual attraction is undeniable.

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The cheating part is awful but the film is not about cheating it's about escaping and finding happiness only the woman never really finds it because she's kind of empty. She regrets her decision... she's floating... I love Sarah Polly even as child actress she's always been so special; she's a wonderful director. The acting is perfect!!
Theresa Baker:
seth Roger is so skinny it feels weird lol
Electronic Surveillance:
Excellent movie, well done in every aspect in my opinion however I do have one question and that question is, are there people really in existence like the Seth Rogen character ?
CapHap Pinto:
The couple acted like highschool kids, always giggling and being childish and silly, like constantly throughout the movie until she cheated on him... no grown couple acts like that
Edward Terry:
So, basically, a movie glorifying cheating?
Jed Consolacion:
Thumbs up if you appreciate the color of this film.
I love this movie!!!