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Nicholas Hudson-Ellis:
This looks deadly, can't wait to see it. Kudos to ACMI for presenting this important piece of Art!
You are the people who can't even organise yourselves to have a working phone, but I imagine this reflects the testosterone drive wankery that is the Port Film Co-op. Next thing you morons will be making a film in praise of Harvey Weinerstein and supporting the policies of Peter (The Dick from Dickson) Dutton, silly twisted boys.
Port Film Co-op:
Frankly, Im so glad the Ian Potter Trust pulled their association from this work, because it optimises the mediocre leftist-cliches that the stagnant Australian art-scene has become. Lazy kitsch, irony and throat-rammed politics finally has a consequence. Well done to the Ian Potter foundation for being rigorous - because rigour is what Australian art needs right now, not just blanket acceptance and automatic praise because a work is deemed to have "progressive" politics. We have had enough propaganda and its time people start to speak up about it.
My friend this movie sucked