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Ralph Benson:
Anybody know where i can buy it they dont show it on tv nomore
Ceelow Creed:
being that I was a part of this era and remember it well it was soo refreshing to see a 90's depicted movie that gives you that feel and makes you want to re-live the era the ending was kinda weird tho had me wanting more
Melissa Rosario:
let's keep the styles from era orginal
Ralph Benson:
My favorite movie
Myrna Osuna:
this is in my neighborhood
Renard Patrick:
The movie was great. Can't wait for the series.
Mister Bang:
As a Brooklyn Native and New Yorker, growing up in this era the show was "drippin with wack juice".
Zion Akinjide:
I love everything from our culture, to music, to food, just all rounder love...We need to start raising kids with a profound sense of value for life, stop killing each other over sneakers, gang clashing, stop tearing each other down and drop off the moronic fight over light-skin,dark skin...We do that and we become a formidable force that nothing can ever stop and start living to our fullest potentials as a race of people...ok rants over.
Tamara Eugene:
Looks awesome tho!
kas mc:
en español !!!
Adnan M.:
People, this is becoming a series. I just checked it on Imdb. Its coming this year, but no date yet. On summer would be cool. I really liked this "movie". 90s Hip-Hop, great directed, great screenwriting, amazing acting, It is going to be better then "Empire".