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«The Cabin» - film of 2018, created by the great director Johan Bodellthis is his debut work

The film «The Cabin» was filmed by Coast Art Productions

Leading roles in the film were: Christopher Lee Page as Harry, whose best film was The Meanest Man in Texas, and Caitlin Crommett as Rose this is the first actor movie

When a couple visit a remote cabin and cross paths with a compulsive liar, their vacation takes a dramatic turn for the worse.

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A rip-off pile of shit stuck on repeat... the Cabin!!!???????? - These magic monkeys had to have popped a brain blood vessel think-tanking that cliché into existence. Die, please.
Richard Hotovy:
Another cheap bullshit...
davion king:
mun tannggaa puta
maria nikolopoulou:
Will watch. There might be a good plot twist in it.
Mulder Scully:
So a low budget Straw dogs.
john smith:
Oh, God, it looks like crap...
Green Phantom:
Title should be : What Happens When you Breakup