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«The Hottest State» is coming on the screens of the cinemas, by producer and screenwriter Ethan Hawke, which is famous for films such as «Blaze», «Seymour: An Introduction»

The production of the film «The Hottest State» was engaged by the company Elixir Films

The film features actors are Mark Webber as William Harding, 1980 year of birth, whose best film was Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Daniel Ross Owens as Young Vince, 1983 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Amanda & Jack Go Glamping

Brief storyline: Unfortunately we do not yet have a detailed description of the plot of The Hottest State. Keep checking InRelax for updates!

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Constanza Banno Carosio:
I love this movie even though it makes me sad
2017? No?
I was a bit disappointed because I loved the book, and I feel that altough these are 2 great actors, they didn't connect on screen. Also, I was very excited to see Paris, but on the film, they go to Mexico instead. I guess it was a low budget. Anyway, I liked it.
why do you say that?
Ionut Glavan:
This movie should be much more apreciated. The trailer of this awsome movie has only 80k views , meanwhile other stupid movie trailers have 1kk. I just don`t understand people nowadays...
I dont beilive that Ethan Hawke director this movie,,,, well his great director and acctor
My favourite Movie...:-)