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One of the most brilliant films of April 1983 was the film "The Hunger", by producer Tony Scott, on whose account there are the films such as «Déjà Vu», «Top Gun». The screenwriter of the picture was the great Michael Thomas, famous for such films as «The 33», «Ladyhawke» and James Costigan, previous work «King David», «S.O.S. Titanic»

The film «The Hunger» was filmed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). In the same year, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) rolled out such films as «A Christmas Story», «Brainstorm»

The film features actors are Catherine Deneuve as Miriam Blaylock, 1943 year of birth the famous film is Dancer in the Dark, and David Bowie as John, 1947 year of birth the famous film is The Prestige

Brief storyline: Miriam and John are an elegant couple with a dark secret: they are vampires. Feeding on human blood, Miriam has lived for over 2000 years. She gave her lover the gift of eternal life and together they hunt. But John begins aging rapidly, he seeks the help of Dr. Sarah Roberts. Miriam is immediately drawn to Sarah, desiring her as her next immortal companion...

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Mister Jdvik:
Is this a horror?
Are you making a pass at me Mrs. Blaylock?
Don Gibson:
Well done movie and the music was appropriate. A cut above the usual crappy vampire movie with the exception of Interview with a vampire.
Sharon Orwell:
i would like to see this movie.
Maria Gonzalez:
I'll love you forever...and ever... :'(