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One of the most brilliant films of October 2011 was the film "The Hunter" director's Daniel Nettheim, on whose account there are the films such as «Glue», «Angst». The script was created by the equally famous Julia Leigh, whose best works are considered by «Sleeping Beauty» and Alice Addisonat the moment this is his first work

The movie «The Hunter» produced by Porchlight Films company

Leading roles in the film were: Willem Dafoe as Martin David, 1955 year of birth the famous film is John Wick, and Frances O'Connor as Lucy Armstrong, 1967 year of birth, whose best film was The Conjuring 2

Martin, a mercenary, is sent from Europe by an anonymous biotech company to the Tasmanian wilderness on a hunt for the last Tasmanian tiger.

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Hugo Ramirez:
Well orchestrated movie. The landscape portrait is excellent, I end up with love with Tasmania!. Good story and by the way I used to live near red leave kindy!!!???!!!.... all good but the fact that we as species acts the way we normally do (I want that coat/head/claw/testis/horn/eye/skull) is not efficient. We won't ever know what the Moa bird/dodo/thalasyne.... has to do with its ecosystem. What we observing now is "forced-adaptation" (filling the gaps of the extinct "link" in the entire ecosystem...... It was only 145 years ago that the Tasmanian tiger was alive.....now there is only bones/tissue preserved of this remarkable animal. We will somehow in our possibilities return this extinct organism to this plane of existence. It was wrong to hunt them in that way!
Leena G:
What I still don't understand is that kills it, then cries that he killed it. Wasn't that the last of it?
Etienne Aubert:
I felt the movie was extremely boring. It doesn't create any tension as the trailer would suggest. Instead, there are a lot of still shots of the "Tasmanian outback" and a depressing subplot. Even though I like Will Defoe as an actor, his character is so unlikeable.
Marco Viti:
I'm glad he didn't give the Corporation what they were after... God knows what they would have done it! What an amazing movie...outstanding. Willian Dafoe is getting better and better as an actor.
max powell:
spider pig spider pig 
William is an A list actor. Today's so called A listers get blown off the screen by him
Alpha Wolf:
Waste of time.. Didnt understand the movie
Tyrannosaurus Rex:
He abandon his war on Vietnam and went to Australia to make some MONEY
I fucking hate humans. We deserve the war and genocide we inflict upon eachother.
Adam Kovacs:
this trailer is very misleading. the tone of the movie is very different. this music doesn't fit to it at all... this is NOT an epic action movie. it's a clever masterpiece.