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Shut up Steven Shitgal...you don't get to talk about "real things".
Grey HD:
Fumio Demura deserves much more than Steven Seagal on the start of his trailer, this alone will make this movie/doc. lose so much credibility. He's by far one of the worst representor for martial arts! He's wrong person to talk about legitimacy of others, with his history of over exaggerating his own actions. Even if he had anything more than moviestyle skills, he's lost his true spirit of martial arts in his hollywood glory days, if he ever had it/understood it at all in the first place.
Steven Seagal talkin bout fakers? Gotta luv the irony
OSU Sensei
Dr. Mark David Norris:
Sensei Demura is the greatest representation of Karate/Martial arts of this era. He has taught and worked with the great ones such as Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, and Bruce Lee. He is a true champion on all levels. Dr. Mark Norris
Why did they have Steven Segal in this movie?
emilly santos:
verdadeiro Mestre miyagi
Brian Abboud:
Nisuke pat Morita was likely alright though, mister myagi, was nothing but, a brutal psychotic stalker and war criminal that was residing surrounded by millions of dollars worth of oil production utilities ( obviously used for illegal drug interactions money and other illegal activities money laundering ) along with 4 classic cars and a maintenance man was living in - if anyone can explain how a maintenance person can live in the million dollar pad - feel free to do so
John Emmons:
It’s terrible that you are stealing Pat Morita’s thunder now that he is dead. Sure....this guy is a good teacher etc. but why steal someone else’s fame. This guy would not have been a good Miyagi but a good Sato.