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One of the best films of March 2006 was the film "The Road to Guantanamo", created by the great director Michael Winterbottom, which is famous for films such as «9 Songs», «Code 46»

The film «The Road to Guantanamo» was filmed by Screen West Midlands

The film features actors are Riz Ahmed as Shafiq, 1982 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and Farhad Harun as Ruhel this is the first actor movie

Brief storyline: Unfortunately we do not yet have a detailed description of the plot of The Road to Guantanamo. Keep checking InRelax for updates!

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maybe one of them cud be naive & end up in that situation, but no way all of them. They were training to get on the RUBBER DINGY RAPIDS!!
Gstar Pittbull:
Moving from Tipton yes
This is the story from their own perspective. I am sure at least one of them would have gone to Afghanistan with the intent for Jihad and took the others with him for cover or just company. I mean its a stupid idea to go to Afghanistan, there is no justification for that. Not even a single Pakistani living here want to go and see Afghanistan, no matter how important the matter is. People here are scared of the Afghan refugees. Afghans are a mysterious nation and nobody had been able to understand completely their culture or psyche. These guys got home and the agencies must keep an eye on them because the kind of treatment they had been given, it is enough to turn them into Jihadis. Let's hope that they don't do anything wrong. And yes the Americans are fucking mad, they create terrorism by killing innocent people everywhere without any reason. That all stuff they are doing in the world, it will be a mess and may come back to themselves in their very home one day.
Lao Bao:
Islam is the cancer on this planet, hellbent on the eradication of all non-Islamic power and the replacement of it with a universal theocracy. Islam is the enemy.
mansoor zalmai:
there is still something missing here, why would guys from England go to Afghanistan just to eat bread?eat big breads ,Guantanamo in 2015 and still exit such shame ,for all the world, Some how i feel lot of things are added in this documentary.
Only the ignorant believe these guys' version of events. These guys have been caught in multiple lies since. This story is only out there bc they found a naive moviemaker to help spread their story of events by not questioning its truthfulness. Only a fool wouldn't question if they were telling the truth after hearing this outlandish story. Their reasons for their choices make no sense and have since been found to be untrue.
Jack Ragnarok:
I searched "funny guantanamo movie" and this showed up. I think I'll try "happy holocaust". (yeah I'm bored)
We must unite to stand against the Dirty American regime And against corrupt regimes in our country,  not help them . Americans lied About Iraq's weapons, to justify the occupation and the killing of millions of Iraqis Ba chemical weapons, And stealing Arab oil in Iraq, US will fall like the Soviet Union, do not make yourselves dogs to them.
Shamshir Hussain:
why are they so bad at explaining themselves. didn't help their situation at all