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One of the most brilliant films of January 2003 was the film "The United States of Leland" director's and screenwriter Matthew Ryan Hogethis is his debut work

The film «The United States of Leland» was filmed by MDP Filmproduktion

The main actors were Don Cheadle as Pearl Madison, 1964 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Avengers: Infinity War, and Ryan Gosling as Leland P. Fitzgerald, 1980 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Blade Runner 2049

Brief storyline: A withdrawn young man, Leland Fitzgerald is imprisoned for the murder of a mentally disabled boy, who also happened to be the brother of his girlfriend, Becky. As the community struggles to deal with the killing, Pearl Madison, a teacher at the prison, decides to write about Leland's case. Meanwhile, others affected by the murder, including Becky and her sister, Julie, must contend with their own problems.

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Bella Scott:
By the way, I think it's a toss up between this movie and " The Believer" for the top prize of Ryan G's best movie
Bill Bevans:
One of the most coolest, understated soundtracks ever and the FUCKING PRODUCERS WERE TOO CHEAP TO CREATE AN ALBUM TO GO WITH IT!!!!!! Probably didn't pay Jeremy Enigk for his work either!!!!
Olivia Wood:
best movie!
Bella Scott:
By the way, I think
Bella Scott:
I am always amazed when people say that's the reason Leland killed Ryan was unclear, when if you paid attention to the movie you'd know that it was a clear cut case of euthanasia.