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One of the most brilliant films of May 2018 was the film "Two Tails", by producer Victor Azeevthis is his debut work. The script was created by the equally famous Vasiliy Rovenskiy, previous work «Classmates», «I Remember - I Don't Remember!»

The production of the film «Two Tails» was engaged by the company Лицензионные бренды, which also released «Princess in Wonderland: The Secret Of The Magic Mirrorr» this year

The adventures of two completely different in nature beasts - a serious and economic Beaver and restless Cat. They meet when the cat is looking for shelter from the rain in the forest. The beaver rescues the Cat, and they become bosom friends. The cat really wants to become famous and believes that everyone wants to become famous, but not everyone can admit it. One day the life of this couple changes abruptly when aliens from a distant galaxy land in the forest.

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Что это за сосня?
Tati Zyryanova:
Если трейлер настолько убогий!! то мульт вообще наверно далеко на дне...
Alex Class:
По трейлеру видно, что шлак
Китти Кэт:
Это в кинотеатре будут показывать?Какой позор.
Сергей Дубовской:
И ФК дало на эту деградацию денег?