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«Two Tickets Home» is coming on the screens of the cinemas director's and screenwriter Dmitry Meskhiev, on whose account there are the films such as «Peculiarities of the National Politics», «Our Own». The script was created by the equally famous Sergey Garmashat the moment this is his first work

The film «Two Tickets Home» was filmed by КиноДело

The main actors were Mariya Skuratova as Lyuba this is the first actor movie, and Sergey Garmash as Vasnetsov, 1958 year of birth the famous film is Attraction

Film description: Liuba Vasnetsova lives in a provincial boarding school, dreams of finishing it sooner rather than later and go to St Petersburg to become a stewardess. The future seems bright: after boarding school she receives the keys to a new apartment, with a new life ahead. But on the day of her graduation she learns that she is not an orphan: her father is alive and not dead, as she was told earlier. The girl is shaken and decides to find him.

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Дуглас Геворкян:
жаль что не было "extras. close up". даже у нас в киеве показали.
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Ткачук не вылазит из Кинотавров