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mili barconte:
Todos los comentarios iban a ser en inglés? Jajaja qué bueno que el tráiler está subtitulado!!!
Grace Ellis:
As usual Theo James does take my breath away with his interpretation.. I just watched The Secret Scripture,where his impersonate a troubled Catholic Priest who failed in love with a beautiful woman Rooney Mara,and his acting was what I expect !!!! .Theo James you're the Greatest!!!!! Keep going.. I will be here awaiting for news performances of you... Love you
This film is a disgrace. It makes you quite rightly feel sorry for the abused victim (Una) but then two thirds of the way through once they find each other, they end up reconnecting and sleeping together!? WTF!? What abused victim in their right mind would do this in reality? What kind of message is that sending? This is one messed up terrible film.
More people need to see it
Just watched it. Great film with tension and incredible acting, but wasn't as hard- hitting as i expected.
Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea:
Saw this last week and it was really good. The acting all around is spectacular. And the story.... It's so complex that by the end, I wanted to know more about their lives.