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In May 2019, the screens out the new film «Valentine: The Dark Avenger», created by the great director Agus Pestol, which is famous for films such as «Valentine». The script was created by the equally famous Beby Hasibuan, famous for such films as «Tebus», «The Witness»

The movie «Valentine: The Dark Avenger» produced by Shout! Factory company

Leading roles in the film were: Estelle Linden as Srimaya / Valentine the famous film is Mereka Yang Tak Terlihat, and Matthew Settle as , 1969 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in Ouija

Film description: Batavia City is a metropolitan jewel ... but one increasingly tarnished in the face of rising crime. Amidst the chaotic onslaught of robbery and violence, Srimaya, a waitress at a café, dreams of a glamorous life as an actress. A chance meeting with a film director and his assistant leads to a life-changing series of events for Srimaya, as they take her on a thrilling adventure that finds the waitress-turned-actress transforming into the person Batavia City needs and deserves most: the consummate kick-ass superhero! Taking to the streets as "Valentine," she becomes a role model to the people of Batavia, and a foil to the city's lowlifes and ne'er-do-wells. But when a sinister masked villain emerges from the shadows of the night, Srimaya realizes that all of her vigilante exploits were a mere dress rehearsal for the ultimate showdown!

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kick ass where? :v
Raihan Hakim98:
So this the first Indonesian IP distributed by Shout huh?
kick ass rip-off
Ben Zielke:
Interesting idea, but Super was much better. Kinda getting tired of the 90lb. chick beating up everyone 2-3 times her and defying all physics crap. In Super the female counterpart gets a .44 slug through the head and doesn't get back up, way more realistic.
Is this a Kick-Ass sequel?
Allison Taylor:
Wait.. I’m a little confused here
icecream hero:
This looks like a funny parody
This looks so bad I want to watch it now