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Joe Metzgar:
God Damn you mad man!Always running around and doing stuff for our entertainment for yeaaaars! Truly lucky to have been subscribed to you all these years Voltaire. Love you man and thank you for being a treasure man.
Nil Nicht:
More guitar lessons!
I’m not really into gothic stuff, I prefer creepy cute and elegant goth, more importantly fairy kei, But I love your music to death now, when I was a kid I heard the “land of the dead song” and I LOVED it, but I never like found out who did the song, then I was looking around at student animated films, and I found this series called “the vampair” and then I found u, after years of wondering who u were. It would be an honor if you took my “first concert virginity” if you came to Virginia Norfolk, don’t have hopes u do buuuut asking’s worth a go.
Andrea Cabrera:
I love your voice, and before of this, sometimes I use to listen "almost human" and I love it ! Now, i know who you are, and i happy cause I find you! Nice to meet you, Voltaire :D
Lisa Catz:
A lair of what the fuck... lol so funny i had.. a laughing attack.. seeing this show... comdey at its best... lol
Hey volteir i'm new on this Channel but i heard One of your Song by an animation called the night by daria Cohen and it's very cool and well animated so if you have time why i'd like to see a reaction of the animation (i'm not english so Sorry for the error) thank you
Luan castro porto:
you can make some dark great songs, these songs never get boring
CreeperkillslayYT Gaming:
He forgot about the songs on adventure quest worlds
Scarlet Ibis:
Daria Cohen reignited my interest in you, but I’ve loved you for a while.
Ama Chenoa:
" * sets down glass * Shut up, Orville "