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Cesarin Pillin:
This feels a lot like STAR LEAF,. except this one is hella bloody.
Working _Man:
Oh Man, this is so bad.
Bisola Fernandez:
1:51 is that a xenomorph
Jonathan Tio:
so its a dont do drugs movie?
YoungInn G:
When a trailer has spoilers. Common bro! Make like cloverfield! Great trailer with zero spoilers!
Big Red:
Just another dumbass america flick. The people who make these, and think they are of value to the rest of the world, are like a virus. Make a film about that tards....pass it on.
Aldo Fitla:
If Ridley Scott send you his lawyer yu re dead.
freelife productions:
made for movie festivals....
sean houghton:
looks terrible