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«Wet Hot American Summer» - film of 2001 director's and screenwriter David Wain, known for such works like «Глупый и бессмысленный жест», «Role Models». The script was created by the equally famous Michael Showalter, whose best works are considered by «Hello, My Name Is Doris», «They Came Together»

The film «Wet Hot American Summer» was filmed by Eureka Pictures allocating $5 million to the budget, which also released «Jump Tomorrow» this year

The film features actors are Janeane Garofalo as Beth, 1964 year of birth the famous film is Ratatouille, and David Hyde Pierce as Henry, 1959 year of birth the famous film is A Bug's Life

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Stan Kinaz:
Damn. So many old comments that I can't reply. This Show was sick. I can't believe the cast in it.
Lord Xenomorph:
Underrated comedy
Abbie Samples:
hi 2018 anyone
bad trailer good film
Earl Marshall:
There are absolutely no black people in this movie.
a few great actors cannot salvage what is a painfully unfunny script. Plus there are some pretty horrible actors in this as well.
James Cane:
Notice quite a few people here with no sense of humour. 'I need jokes! I need punchlines! Please have it make sense for me or else my eyes cross over and I feel sombre!'. Feck off and watch Scary Movie or The Hangover or some other shit that makes sense. This movie is probably my favourite comedy of all time (if you dont think talking vegetables, fondling sweaters or sudden car crashes into trees is funny then i hate your brain) so bog off and leave your dull 'opinions' elsewhere. Showalter and Wain kick bum!
brad lafferty:
Meatballs ripoff but OH so good!
Rhys Trost:
Kinda scary how similar this is to my first year working lifeguard at a camp lol