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«Who» is coming on the screens of the cinemas, created by the great director and screenwriter Ajay Devalokathis is his debut work

Leading roles in the film were: Shine Tom Chacko as , the success of which brought the role in മായാനദി, and Shruthy Menon as , the success of which brought the role in ചിപ്പി

A beautiful yet mysterious valley spread across 200 km. In Mercada, strange things happen every year on the Christmas day. A young girl, a dream interpreter, a criminal psychologist and a team of two police officers try to solve the puzzles in the valley.

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I'm not going to argue with the people who are pitching a fit over a woman being cast as the Doctor. I certainly hope that they at least watch it and consider it but you can't actually make someone like something they don't like by arguing about it with them. That way lies a lot of time wasted. What I do take issue with is that the view they have that this is a sudden idea that came about with no warning or that it was just shoe-horned in by some conspiracy of 'progressive/liberal/feminist/SJW/whatever' forces the moment it came time to cast a new Doctor. As far back as season 6, with 'The Doctor's Wife', it was outright introduced that another Time Lord acquaintance of the Doctor's 'The Corsair' had at times regenerated into a woman. Clearly the concept that Regeneration could result in gender-switching has been baked in for a while now. During season 9's 'Hell Bent' a Gallifreyan general regenerates into a woman. And it goes without saying about The Master and Missy. I think Michelle Gomez was incredibly compelling in the role, having no problem replacing what had previously been cast only as a man. If any of these grumpy folk are uptight about the change... well all I can say is that there was plenty of foreshadowing.
cosmo fate:
It's not as good as other Dr who trailers but it is a tiny bit better then the 2nd trailer the 2nd trailer is like its been made man made abd making the show more educational just for a aganda is anotger thing that makes me not want to watch the first episode and the reason you gave for making the doctor a female was silly and replacing all the cast of the stephan Moffat era and David Tennant era also turned me a bit off from watching the series. I don't mind the doctor being female but I do care if there is a aganda reason why the doctor is female and the reason you gave why the 13th doctor is female is "I just felt the time was right" "I think it the show hadn't done it we would have been behind the world and Dr who has got to be out front leading the world and being a great example of all the amazing things that are in the world" "so it want a question in my mind" this is what he said when he was asked why the 13th doctor was female
Adeline Dering:
I am fine with the doctor being a girl, and Jodie is an amazing actress, but the new season looks like it’s going to be that generic/CW TV show bull crap. I just hope that they kill off all of that “we’re woke” stuff and go straight for the sci-fi and beautiful story arc that we know and love. The last season was okay, but they lacked character development and such. I never really got attached to Bill at all, and I feel like they only had her so that they could say they’re progressive. I don’t care if the doctor is a non-binary, Black, female ginger! I just want there to be an amazing storyline filled with twists, turns, scares, and beautiful imagery. Please tell me it’s not just me?
Sherry Armstrong:
well i watched the very first doctor who that ever come out , And well ill just watch the re runs know ... Ima female that loved to see the Sexy British man .. i would steam up my screen ... well i guess this show is for Men now who want to dive in to Breasts
Elder Elf:
well... I'm Excited!
Mighty Potato Chip:
Im not sexist but since when is doctor who a girl?They did the same thing to Star Wars and TMNT
unimatrix 001:
Awful not happy.
Raucous Lovemuffin:
Way better than trailer 2, Just a bit wary of the lack of creatures... I wanna see some cool designs!