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Shaile Thakur:
I want to do something for them
ChandraSekhar Hist:
More Anti-India propaganda. 1) The guy says "Why are the sons unwilling to look after the mothers"? Why not apply the same rules to daughters also? Lets ask "Why are the daughters unwilling to look after the mothers"? And what about the fathers? No mention of them. Who is going to look after them? 2) The West has Social Security to look after its old people. But India is not prosperous, so it cant afford it. Why doesnt the West ask itself why India is not prosperous? Maybe _In part_ due to 200 years of plunder by the British colonialists? Why isnt there a vigorous debate on reparations, and _documentaries_ on the subject?  How did the Western countries become prosperous? Maybe _in part_ due to 400 years of plunder and death on an industrial scale visited by Whites on the Natives of North and South America, and the caribbean?
anand rai:
Burnt alive? I know these widows are from vrindavan but who burns them? I didn't get to know ever that they are burnt. And Now they have started living normal life. (It started recently.) Stop your propaganda.