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One of the most brilliant films of December 2011 was the film "Young Adult", by producer Jason Reitman, which is famous for films such as «Juno», «Up in the Air». The script was created by the equally famous Diablo Cody, previous work «Jennifer's Body», «Juno»

The film «Young Adult» was filmed by Paramount Pictures allocating $12 million to the budget. In the same year, Paramount Pictures rolled out such films as «Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol», «The Adventures of Tintin»

The main actors were Charlize Theron as Mavis Gary, 1975 year of birth, whose best film was The Fate of the Furious, and Patton Oswalt as Matt Freehauf, 1969 year of birth the famous film is Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Film description: A divorced writer from the Midwest returns to her hometown to reconnect with an old flame, who's now married with a family.

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omg hey there:
motherfuckers just need some sunlight
wow, Gen X is even worse than the baby boomers.
Charlize was a bitch in this!!!! TOTALLY Liked it, tho...
Dina Salysa:
lol lmao lol
AHG! It's gonna be so great. First this movie, then the next weekend Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, couldn't be a better 2 weeks for movies.
Candra Aditya:
cant wait.
Flapjack George:
This bitch reminds me of myself, except I keep the crazy bottled up inside. I need to watch.
Jay IU:
Haven't seen it, but Diablo Cody? I'm in.